• Nexalene 120
    Heavy duty hot soak cleaner designed to remove stubborn soils from steel.

  • Nexalene 410
    Heavy duty hot soak and or electrocleaner for steel.

  • Nexalene HD Descaler
    A powerful alkaline material used to remove rust deposits, light scale films and invisible oxide coatings from steel and other metals. Stubborn scales may be removed by reverse anodic current.

  • Nexalene APC
    A highly effective hot soak and anodic or cathodic electrocleaner for non ferrous metals, nickel plating, stainless steel, and cast iron.

  • Nexalene 20
    An anodic electrocleaner for Zinc die casting.

  • Nexalene 22
    A highly effective ultrasonic and soak cleaner for ferrous metals, and is also suitable for non ferrous, stainless steel and cast iron.

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