Plating Processes


  • Spectra 977
    Bright nickel process.

  • Spectra 977 BL
    Bright nickel barrel process.

  • Satin Nickel
    Pearlsheen 1249.
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Ginplate



  • Cuprobrite 1512
    Bright acid copper process.
  • Cuprabuild HS 900
    Bright high build acid copper brightener.
  • Cupratec 60
    Bright cyanide copper brightener.



  • Smart Zinc 11
    Bright water based acid zinc process.
  • Smart Zinc Toner
    Bright water based high temperature acid zinc process.
  • ALP Zinc
    Bright alcohol based acid zinc process.
  • Futura Zinc
    Bright alcohol based acid zinc process.
  • Zincbrite 160 C
    Bright cyanide zinc process.
  • Zincbrite 160
    Bright cyanide zinc process.
  • Merlin Zinc
    Bright alkaline zinc process.



  • Ziniloy
    Alkaline Zinc Nickel alloy process.

  • Niclipse
    Acid Zinc Nickel alloy process.

  • Ziron
    Alkaline Zinc Iron alloy process.

  • Volta
    Tin Zinc alloy process.

  • PavCoTing
    Cobalt Tin alloy process to replace chrome on nickel.



  • Stannostar
    Bright acid tin process



  • Silver Glo
    Bright silver process.



  • Cadix
    Bright cadmium brightener.



  • Bronzex
    White bronze process to replace nickel.



  • Hene L 600
    High speed catalyst for hard chrome process.

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