Other Processes

Stripping Salts

  • Nexstrip S
    A product used for the electroless stripping of almost any deposit except chrome from ferrous surfaces.
  • Nexstrip NF
    A product used for the electroless stripping of nickel from brass and copper substrates.
  • Coldstrip
    An immersion cold high speed paint stripper.



  • Hyprocoat 320
    Clear sealer after passivation.


Acid Salt

  • Nexate Dry Acid Salt
    An acid salt designed to replace most acids. It produces a smut free surface on steel, zinc, copper, brass and aluminum.



  • Sphere Clear
    Fume reducer for chrome plating solutions.
  • Fume Reducer 84
    Fume reducer for caustic solutions.


Other Processes

  • Cold Blackening of Steel / Stainless Steel Gibinol
  • Settling Agent for Effluent Treatment Sediwell ES


All raw materials for electroplating.

Chrome Neutralizer

Zinc, Tin, Lead, Copper Electrolytic and PDO and Nickel.

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